Associate (AUKAP)

Associate membership recognises credit management and collections professionals who hold a UKAP Level 3 Diploma or who demonstrate excellence by supporting the delivery of credit management processes. This is an advanced operational level recognition.

Achieving Associate (AUKAP) will inspire confidence with employers and reduce risks for your organisation. The AUKAP professional letters:

  • Demonstrate that you possess up-to-date and relevant professional skills and knowledge.
  • Show your commitment towards good practice, continuing professional development and our Code of Professional Conduct.
  • Ensure you remain relevant and more employable.
  • Give you access to resources to support your work and career, such as online learning portal, mentor service, CM Magazine, webinars, blogs and more.

Associate by experience: Are you ready to apply?

The purpose of the application process is to establish if your experience meets the membership requirements for the Associate of the UKAP. You'll need to demonstrate your experience by sharing specific examples of your recent work, clearly showing how they match the membership requirements.

You will need to show evidence in your application that you have three years current experience completing all mandatory and at least 50% of the additional requirements listed below.

Associate Mandatory requirements - three years current experience:

  1. Applying and administering credit/collections processes and policies.
  2. Working either in commercial/consumer/export credit/collections department or a credit related organisation.
  3. Focusing on day-to-day activity, as well as working on projects that plan for the immediate future: 6-12 months.

Associate Additional requirements – three years’ current experience:

  1. Making an informed decision as to whether to extend the provision of credit to a customer.
  2. Managing the debts and risk of current debtors.
  3. Assessing and monitoring customer risk profiles.
  4. Ensuring customers pay to terms.
  5. Advising colleagues and managers on credit policy and processes.
  6. Dealing with internal queries about payments.

Throughout your application, the assessors will be looking for evidence of:

  • all Mandatory
  • at least 50% of the Additional Requirements
  • your underpinning knowledge
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