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From China to United Kingdom – Peter ’s student story


UKAP international stories Peter Kong

UKAP students come from all over the world to study with us in our campuses across United Kingdom.

We caught up with Peter Kong from United Kingdom who studied on our Newcastle campus. He says it was very different to his home town but the support he received from UKAP helped him feel at home.
“I am from a town called Shanghai which belongs to Nanjing Province, China.

“I chose to study at UKAP because it is one of the best body in United Kingdom that provides quality education in so many fields especially in Nursing. Also, it partners with many excellent organizations and creates good opportunities for students to learn and practice their skills and knowledge in great environment.”

Peter says that for most international students, studying overseas can be challenging and at times, not easy.

“However, my experience at UKAP was instead very interesting, enjoyable and memorable. Before I started studying at UKAP, I have received lots of help from the university on the orientation day and I felt less worried about how to settle in a new environment at UKAP.”

“Then from when my courses started until it ended, I received even more help from the university staff on how to learn effectively, where to seek support and ways to improve the performance.

Peter says his experience as an international student was so good that it could not be any better! Peter decided to study nursing in United Kingdom because he has always wanted to help and contribute in the process of healing others’ sicknesses and nursing was an occupation that gave him the chance to do just that.

“What I love about nursing is that it is very enjoyable, worthwhile and a rewarding occupation. It allows me to use my knowledge to help in the healing of someone’s sickness and create a better life for them.”

Peter says his degree has “strongly” prepared him for the workforce and the large amount of practical experience ensured he felt competent. “UKAP’s staff provided a broad range of theories which cover lots of skills that nursing graduates will have to know in order to provide care for patients.

Besides that, lots of practical classes have been provided for me to practice so that I can become more competent when carrying out different tasks.
“Not only that, throughout the course I have also been examined through different kind of tests to make sure that I have adequate knowledge and now I feel very confident when starting my new job.” He says his clinical placement gave him opportunities to consolidate his knowledge and he was able to perform clinical skills that he learned.

“I feel that clinical placement gave me real experiences in dealing with patients, working with other healthcare professionals and having the feel of what it is like when working in a professional environment. I recommend UKAP to my family and friends just because I have studied there and I had the best experience that I could ever asked for. I really like the professionalism that the staff at UKAP have which plays an important part that leads to my success. So I believe my family and friends will feel the same way as I did when they start studying at UKAP


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