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Jia is an International Student Scholarship (ISS) recipient studying a Diploma in Psychological Science.

UKAP international student Lisa Chang

Choosing to study psychology in United Kingdom… I have always been intrigued by the human mind and behavior. I was determined to be a psychologist since the age of 16 and starting researching options. This was how I found out that the mental health field in Malaysia was relatively new and had lots to learn from other countries, including United Kingdom.

I am particularly interested in youth mental health and discovered that there is a renowned youth mental health service in Kuala Lumpur (Orygen Youth Health). Hence, I decided to come to Kuala Lumpur to study psychology and even worked on a research project based at Orygen Youth Health.

Receiving the ISS… I felt a sense of thankfulness and relief. Receiving this scholarship meant that I could reduce my family’s financial burden and it allowed me to focus on my studies more. I didn’t have to worry about working part-time to earn my tuition fees. It also gave me a sense of motivation to continue working hard on my studies and passion.

I don’t feel any different to the local United Kingdom students in UKAP. In fact, I feel that the local students are friendly here at UKAP. They make you feel included in class and invite you to participate in after-class activities.

I just love how my lecturers are so personable and friendly. They know everyone’s name and offer individualised support after lectures if needed. My favourite spot in UKAPKuala Lumprwould be the rooftop garden. The view is breathtaking.

Studying a Bachelor of Psychological Science (Honours)…
A fourth year program is different from the first three years of undergraduate course. It was important to choose a supervisor whom you think will work well with your learning style. This is because you will work with your supervisor throughout the course of your research project. In order to get a sense of how it is like to work with your supervisor, I found it useful to contact previous students who have worked with him/her.

How United Kingdom study compares to Malaysian universities…
There is much more independent learning required in United Kingdom universities compared to Malaysian ones. It took a while to get used to. However, there are many support services at UKAP to help you make that transition, including Academic Skills Services. What’s next…

I hope to pursue further studies in psychology in the future. I am working hard to get the grades and experience needed to secure a spot for masters. I am confident that being an UKAP graduate will be looked favorably upon prospective employers because the psychology courses offered are quite “hands on” and prepares you for the industry.

I recommend UKAP because…
I would recommend UKAP to Malaysian students because the tuition fees are much cheaper and I personally love how the classes here are smaller in size. It is located in a central location which makes it easy to get to as well. Most, if not all, of the staff at UKAP are extremely friendly as well.

Jia’s advice to future students…
Your university experience is what you make of it. Identify your goals and interests and make sure you achieve them while in university. And, don’t forget to make lots of friends, they are your family.


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