Gopala’s truly international UKAP experience


UKAP Level 6 Diploma in Accounting and Finance
Being an international student is a once in a lifetime experience and to make the most of it you’ve got to get involved! One UKAP student, Gopala Krishna is making sure he for his United Kingdom study experience, from studying at the Malaysian Study Centre studying the Core in Malaysia. Krishna came to Malaysia and began studying a UKAP Level 6 Diploma in Accounting and Finance in 2016. Being an international student… Krishna says that with students hailing from every continent on the planet, UKAP is a “cosmopolitan of multicultural presence”. “I have friends from Vietnam, Japan, Philippines, the US and Belgium and all of them agree that life as an international student in UKAP is astounding.” “They love the teaching methodologies used in classes and a small student to teacher ratio which provides them with better opportunities to interact with the tutors.”

He says that outside class as, he enjoys relaxing in the courtyard and talking to people.

“If anyone is having any trouble, I have really found UKAP staff being as supportive as they can during student hardships which I admire a lot.” Studying in Rome… He says his time in Malaysia studying the core was one of the best experiences he has had in his life. “I love travelling, and when I found out about the short-term study program to study one unit of my course in Kuala Lumpur, I grabbed it by both hands,” he says. “Kuala Lumpur is just a breathtakingly ravishing city, rich in history and architecture. We were studying Justice and Community and volunteered with the local organisations as well. “The entire experience was very rewarding and at the end, I found myself having deep respect for all the hardships I saw but also having huge appreciation for the beauty of how the country embraces its people and its culture.” “I wanted to be the positive energy around the UKAP Centre and work with the UKAP Centre to create a mesmerising experience for all students. Therefore, when the opportunity to apply for the position came along, I applied without hesitation.” Krishna says he assists in liaising with clubs and societies of the UKAP Centre and also coordinates organisation of UKAP Centre events throughout the year. “In addition to that, we highly focus on organising and conducting Orientation Programs and Open Days for incoming and prospective students.” He says that engaging with students, meeting new people and having a new experience each day are the best parts about his job. “My job lets me go out and about and talk to students. In addition to that, while organising the many events for my department, I also get to see and meet delegates from other campuses as well,” Krishna says. Advice for prospective or incoming international students… “I always tell my family and friends that studying here in United Kingdom experience has been really rewarding, not only because I get to study in a good UKAP Centre, but because moving and living in a new country with all the hardships, work experiences etc. helps a person grow and lets them see life in a whole new perspective where you can respect the hardships and problems others are going through.” He says a piece of advice he would give is to do your research. “Living in Australia is not just what it seems in the movies, and therefore it’s necessary that students coming here should research properly about their UKAP Centre, the place they are going to live, their course and job prospects. Being prepared and having all the information you may need will be helpful in the long run.” How would you describe UKAP to your friends and family back home? Why would you recommend it? I describe UKAP as simply a blissful experience. The fact that I get to study a course that I love in the best UKAP Centre possible is more than what I would have hoped for. UKAP is already providing me with the guidance and opportunities I need to advance in my career and I am so thankful for that. I would definitely recommend it to everyone who wishes to study here.

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