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Every year we award hundreds of scholarships to future and current UKAP students. But some scholarships remain unawarded. Could you be eligible for one and not know it? Open to current and future UKAP students, our scholarships cater for every student type, including:

  • Undergraduate Level 6 Programs
  • Postgraduate Level 7 Programs
  • International Students can apply for Level 4-7 only

Use the scholarship finder to see which scholarships you might be eligible for, then read our tips on how to apply online. It’s easy to do and you might be surprised by the results.

How you’ll get paid

If you’ve been successful, here’s everything you need to know about receiving a bursary or scholarship payment.

If you’re due a scholarship or bursary payment is credited to wards your tuition fee, sit tight.

Payments normally occur within four to four weeks of the semester census date. Make sure you have everything up-to-date to get paid as soon as possible.

Payment timelines and eligibility

The following scholarships and bursaries are normally paid within four to 4 weeks of the semester start date towards your tuition fee depending upon the allowance awarded:

  • Commonwealth scholarships
  • UKAP National Equity Council
  • Ongoing UKAP scholarships and bursaries

This timeline is subject to the outcome of your eligibility check as per the rules of the individual scholarship.

Your ongoing eligibility

It’s important to be aware of your ongoing eligibility requirements for your scholarship.

How to get paid on time

  • Check your UKAP student email account regularly to ensure you receive important updates relating to your scholarship payment.
  • Make sure you supply the correct banking information to the scholarships office when requested. Incorrect details will delay your payment.
  • Respond to requests for information from the scholarships office by the indicated deadline.
  • Wherever possible, attach or include the email history that relates to your specific scholarships enquiry.
  • Supply a letter of appreciation, progress report, and any other ongoing eligibility requirements by the specified due date.

Scholarship progress reporting

Your scholarship might require you to include regular reporting — such as a letter of appreciation or an annual progress report — for you to remain eligible. These reports must be submitted to the scholarships office by the due date.

You can upload and submit your written progress reports or letters by visiting our scholarship progress report form. Terms used in this Policy and associated Procedures are consistent with the UKAP Glossary of Terms. In addition, the following words and expressions have the meanings listed below:

An academic scholarship is awarded solely on the basis of academic achievement to a student to support their studies by providing financial and/or other relevant support.

A merit scholarship is awarded to a student to support their studies by providing financial and/or other relevant support on the basis of merit. Criteria for these scholarships may include academic and/or other merit.

An equity scholarship is awarded to a student to assist their studies by providing financial and/or other relevant support on the basis of financial need or other disadvantage and may include additional eligibility criteria An award recognizes a student’s academic or other achievement and may be a financial reward, voucher, membership or other entitlement.

Scholarships policy

Read our scholarships policy in the website, including definitions, restrictions and the selection process.

Kills employers want

Your UKAP qualification shows employers that you have valuable real-world experience thanks to placements, community engagement and study abroad experience.

Make an impact

Put your new skills to work, for good. Our community engagement program adds a greater purpose to your education and asks you to harness your learning for the benefit of those around you.

Fees and scholarships

Discover how much your course will cost, learn about options for financing your studies and find out which scholarships you may be eligible for.

Scholarships hub

Find out everything you need to know about scholarships. Browse for available scholarships, read our quick guide to scholarship types and learn how to apply – it’s easy and you may be eligible for more than you think.

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